September '09 to Western Oklahoma

Our route for this 640-mile weekend trip

At the 24th Annual Threshing Bee / 19th National 2-Cylinder Tractor Show we saw lots of great old tractors and really neat old farm equipment.

This one working the soil with a crust buster

This one providing power to a saw mill

This one providing power to a threshing machine

This machine....corn shucker / sheller ? Takes the corn off the cob and separates the corn from the cob and husk.

These guys must be inspectors ! The old tractor is powering a thresher.

These 2 are the same age....both lookin' GOOD !! I think I'm gonna take one of them home with me.

Stopped by the Sod House Museum near Aline, OK.

These are a couple of paintings at Gate. Gate was a stop on the Grand Tour. Wish we had arrived sooner to get in some of the buildings....Gate shuts down about 5pm. It is a very small but quaint little town.

Here's a couple of shots of the really neat Windmill Museum in Shattuck. There are about 60 windmills on this couple of acres.

In Cheyenne, Ok is the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site. This is where Lt. Col. Armstrong Custer ( before he was General and before he met the Indians at Little Big Horn) led a massacre of Black Kettle's Southern Cheyennes in the Battle of the Washita. After what I learned here and since.....made me think General Custer later at Little Big Horn got what was coming to him.

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