Pygmy VS Nigerian Dwarf

Pygmy vs Nigerian Dwarf

Pygmy Goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats are very similar with regards to general height ( 17"-19" at the shoulders is desirable ) and rearing techniques. I find that their personalities are very similar. It really depends on how they are raised and heredity with an emphasis on heredity. . . . it just seems that the friendly mom's tend to have friendlier kids. To the novice, they look the same, but there are several very important differences

The pygmy is ( and judged in the show ring as ) more of a miniature "meat goat". Some of the qualities viewed to be favorable are: a dished face ( curved when viewed from the side ), short wide muzzle, short muscled neck, short stocky legs, large and deep body becoming deeper as viewed from the side moving from the front legs to the rear legs. The 2 allowed marking patterns to their coats are the Caramel and Agouti. There are shades of both but they are very specific marking patterns. Only a white 'belly band' either complete or partial is allowed. Other random white markings are considered 'miss-marks'. Many have allowable "frosting" to the muzzle and ears.

The Nigerian Dwarf, on the other hand, is more of a miniature "milk goat". Some of it's qualities include : a long slender neck, a thinner body build, slender-more deer-like legs, a longer body--still getting deeper from front to back when viewed from the side, and of course a large balanced udder. There are no restrictions as to color or breed markings.

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